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Before Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaners are like Fruit.. some are apples, some are oranges but about half are lemons


Make an Informed Choice

Local Carpet Cleaning Offerings in Modesto Area

"Splash & Dash" = maybe soap and very fast steam cleaning. BEWARE water damage caused by Fly-By-Night Carpet Cleaners. 

Typical Basic Service = Soap, Methodical Steam Cleaning, Basic Spotting, Dry Methodical Extraction Pass

(typical or slightly neglected conditions with a few spots throughout)

Upgraded Service = Basic +; Pre Vacuum, Pre Scrub, Specialty Product for your Upgrade need, Extra wet and dry passes

(Neglected Carpets well overdue for cleaning with several spots or accidents in each area) 

Restoration Service = Premium Deep Clean with Extra Detail & Stain Protection or Salvage Effort for severe issues

(Extra Detail or Severely neglected carpets that require more time and special products & processes)   

'Kitchen Sink" = EVERYTHING is Upgraded Service or Restoration or they wont want the job

*Classics Golden Rule Business model packages in bold

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How does furniture moving work?

  • Some franchises and independents will move furniture but it almost always increases the cost

  • Furniture only needs to be moved every 4th cleaning so we recommend rotating what gets moved each time 

  • Classic DOES NOT move furniture unless arranged in advance. As a curtsey we may move a few light items provided it doesnt significantly increase the time or difficulty. We clean all visible and accessible carpets and traffic patterns. 

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Who Vacuums?

Almost all Corporate / Franchise  and Independent Carpet Cleaning Companies DO NOT include Pre-Vacuuming in their basic "Carpet Cleaning" price.


In fact most franchise & independent Carpet Cleaning trucks do not even carry a vacuum!


Why does pre-vacuuming matter?

Pre-vacuuming allows the soap to work on soil attached to the yarn instead of a thick layer of easy to remove soils. 

Who needs Pre-vacuuming?

Customers that vacuum regularly and keep their floor well maintained do not usually need this service. However busy customers and customers with neglected carpets should consider making sure that whoever cleans their carpets is able to pre vacuum

Classic includes pre-vacuuming in our mid level service which allows folks without need for this service to avoid extra costs. 


Is Pre Conditioning / Pre Treatment Included?

All reputable carpet cleaning companies Include at least a basic pre condition (soap) in their basic "carpet cleaning" price or package. Even the cleanest carpets should have some basic catalyst to start breaking soil away from carpet yarn. 

However Specialty Pre Treatments for specific conditions such as pet spots, odor, and heavily ground in grease and soils may be extra.

At Classic we carry 4 levels of Pre Conditioner based on your conditions. 

  1. Gentle, soft and baby safe

  2. Typical family

  3. Used and abused

  4. Salvage Effort

With Classic, whichever you need is INCLUDED with your cleaning

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Do I need Machine Scrubbing?

Machine Scrubbing scrubs the soap into the carpet fabric for deeper and more consistent

soil suspension. 

When done as a pre-scrub this allows the pre conditioner (soap) more dwell time.

When done with an extraction + scrub machine such as a Rotovac the you get less soap effectiveness but it combines two steps potentially saving technician time and you money. 

Customers with significantly ground in soil, neglected carpets and wide spread pet contamination should look for service that includes machine scrub. 

Wand only carpet cleaning well serves the majority of customers and is not priced into most honest carpet cleaning companies basic service.  Most franchises do not offer this at all and their trucks do not carry the machines. Classic offers Pre scrub in our mid level Service. Typically only neglected carpets require this step. 


Hot Water Extraction AKA Steam Cleaning

The manufactures recommended method of carpet cleaning. The best method in the industry. Look for someone with a well maintained truck/van mounted machine.  Portables can do a good job with a lot more time and effort but its usually not in the customers best interest unless its a secure or high rise building. 

A good cleaner will do slower overlapping rinse passes (with a professional brand of carpet rinse) followed by at least one slow and overlapping "dry" vacuum only pass. The rinse solution should be hot enough to produce the recognizable steam.

Classic Carpet Care uses the best method, the largest & newest generation of Truckmount and Industry most acclaimed products and practices.. Our rig "bubbles" is @ $115k As opposed to a $6,000 ancient rig full of dollar store soaps (which is the norm among new start ups and lack luster cleaners) EQUIPMENT MATTERS ALMOST AS MUCH AS SKILL!!!

2014-05-30 11.24.15.jpg

What Spots Treatments are included?

  • Most companies will include a few basic spot treatments per area in a "basic" Pricing.

  • Almost All companies will charge more for areas with excessive spotting needs

  • Almost All companies will charge more for colored spot removal especially if they require exceptional time or process. 

  • Many companies will treat one or two urine spots for free but expect to pay more for more spots or a more thorough and effective treatment

  • Be aware of any promise to remove "stains" as a red flag as a dishonest by definition. Its often impossible to know what has been used and how deeply something may have penetrated until we work on it.   

Classic Carpet Care stocks over 32 premium professional grade cleaning products and spot cleaners for virtually every need. The Most skill, Largest Machine and Comprehensive Product Selection is why we roll in a Huge Van...

all to serve you best. 

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