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  • Eliminate Germs & Bacteria

  • Remove ugly Spots & Spills

  • Remove Unwanted Odors

  • Make your Carpets Last Longer

  • Dry in as little as 2 Hours!

Salida Carpet Cleaning

Hi folks! Thanks for visiting my web page. I am happy to offer carpet cleaning services in Salida Ca,. Classic Carpet Care uses the industry recommended Steam Cleaning method. We Precondition your carpet with a premium baby safe product before steam cleaning. 230 degree water and carpet solution are sprayed into the carpets at high pressure to blast loose soil and rinse the carpet clean. Powerful Vacuums suck the debris and dirty water out to our van.   

Not all cleaning companies are created equal. Because carpet cleaning is so competitive in our area, many competitors try to cut costs in critical areas. This is why their customers carpet sometimes take as long as 72 hours to dry and/or get dirty very again very fast. 

I only use premium solutions and powerful well maintained equipment. This minimizes unwanted residue and Dry Time. My Jobs Dry Faster, Smell Better and Stay Clean Longer because I take our time to deliver the result I would want for myself and my family. 

Don't get soaked by Fly By Night cleaners or left Broke by Bloated Franchises - Choose Value Call Classic

-Robert Harris ( Owner & Operator ) 

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