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Modesto Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Tile and Grout Cleaning Modesto

Tile and Grout Cleaning Modesto

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Tile floors can be stunning when they are clean. Classic Tile and Grout Cleaning Service can help to renew that model home feel by removing unwanted soils and oils from yours. 

Our industry recommended method uses commercial strength solutions and 230 degree water that power washes your tile and grout lines. Our special tools keep the water contained while a powerful vacuum mounted in our vans immediately draws the water and debris out of your home. Because Classic is Owner Operated, you can count on us to take extra steps to protect your baseboards, appliances and use care in your home.


 Save yourself days of knee-breaking labor and call Classic!

Why Choose Classic Tile Cleaning

  • Costs up to 50% less than National Franchises

  • Owner Operator vs Employee quality and service

  • Meticulous attention to details like corners and under cabinets

  • Removes Soils that blacken grout

  • Removes Stains and Odor

  • Sanitizes and Renews the original beauty of your Tile

  • We use ONLY Oil Based Sealer instead of the cheapo water base. 

All from a Local Business with impeccable online reviews!

Modesto Tile Cleaning Service

What types of Tile do we Clean?

Engineered Stone
Natural Stone

Tile Sealer - Oil Based vs Water Base

The idea behind seal is to block unwanted soil and debris from penetrating into the porous surfaces of your tile and grout. Most seals accomplish this by filling in those pores through various means. All sealants will "enhance" the color of cleaned tile and grout.


Water based sealants have builders and chemical added to water in order to link or solidify in the pores to create the seal.

Oil based sealants use various types of oil and chemical to do the same thing. However, water will reactivate water and gradually dilute and rinse away the chemicals that create a seal. Oil repels water and typically last 3-10 times longer. Where a water base seal may last up to 2 years (when maintained with very neutral solutions) an Oil base can last up to 20 years in the same situation.  Although tough enough to withstand daily maintenance and use.. Oil Based Seals are easily removed during professional cleaning. (unlike polishes and other over the counter finishes) 


Both of the leading Tile Cleaning franchises in the Modesto / Stanislaus area sale water based sealers almost exclusively.  The reason is simple, the cost of water base seal is less than half the cost of oil base. This is probably why most hardware stores carry the residential version of both. However, a few cleanings with harsh products will pretty much negate the effect of water base seal and therefore is not a great investment for most property owners. Especially not at a 10x mark up!   

Once again this is where the golden rule applies to service business. While most Tile Cleaning companies focus on higher profit margins Classic focuses on what best serves our customers need.


Classic uses ONLY oil base sealants and charge the same or less in most cases! 

What is a Bad Tile Cleaning Deal?

A good Tile and Grout Cleaning experience usually means everything went according to plan, the floors are clean and the customer is happy. This result is through the effort of a well trained and experienced Tile and Grout Cleaning technician whom takes pride in their work. 

However a sloppy job, poorly trained or rushed technician can do more harm than good. Some examples of a bad Tile Cleaning are; 

  1.  Splotchy cleaning or missed spots ( not do to grout density/color variation or other condition )

  2.  Dirty Edges around walls and cabinets. 

  3.  Swollen or Warped Cabinets, Baseboards or absorbent materials. 

  4.  Acid etched stainless steel appliances from sloppy application of cleaning products

  5.  Stained or damaged carpeting from sloppy use of tile products

These are examples of a bad Tile & Grout Cleaning. We give you this information to help you choose a cleaning company wisely. There are some great Tile cleaning companies out there but a lot more poor ones. Unbeatable prices and extraordinary promises are usually early warning signs that a company may be more interested in the sale than they are in the work. Tile cleaning takes a lot of time and energy to prepare and protect the area prior to the cleaning process. Quality professional products and well maintained equipment take time and money to deliver good results. While the idea is simple (pressure wash tile) the reality is much more complex. A Unbeatable deal could leave you regretting the experience or worse.. your property damaged and in some cases your complaints ignored. 

Accidents can happen to the best Technicians. Make sure you choose a company that will stand behind their work and if something goes wrong they will repair, replace or make it right. No Carpet or Tile Cleaner in history ever became a master without making a boo boo along the way. But a quality company will have a reputation for going the extra mile to treat their customers fairly. 

While I hope that you will trust us with your Tile and Grout cleaning job, I want you to have the best experience available. As an Owner/Operator I go to great lengths to ensure that I do everything I can to protect your property and deliver an outstanding result. This includes; well maintained equipment, premium professional grade products, Meticulous attention to protecting your property, relentless commitment to increasing my skill and a core value of treating others they way I would like to be treated.

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