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Modesto Carpet Cleaner

Hi Folks! Im Robert Harris. I own and operate Classic Carpet Care here in Modesto California. 

With over 92 carpet cleaning companies in the Stanislaus County area, finding the best value can be confusing. In the past you may have been disappointed by start up companies offering incredible rates or frustrated by the huge price tag many franchises demand. 

Classic Carpet Care focuses on delivering Superior Quality carpet and steam cleaning services for fair and sustainable prices. My primary concern is helping as many people as possible to live in healthier environments. When we clean your carpets I want you to feel like you received outstanding service, and amazing results for a fair price... because that is what I want when I hire someone to do work in my home. 

  • Powerful Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning (140-280 Degrees & 2 Hour Dry)

  • Top Shelf Baby-Safe Products (Softened Water & Hypoallergenic)  

  • Industries Best Procedures and Practices (Certified, 22 years Experience

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