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Classic Carpet Cleaning Service in Modesto

My name is Robert Harris. I own and operate Classic Carpet Care located in Modesto California and serve all of Stanislaus County's outlining communities. When you call Classic I will be the one doing the work. As an owner/operator I go to great lentghs to make the entire carpet cleaning experiance as convienant and satisfing as possible for my customers. I apply the golden rule to my business and constantly work to deliver the outstanding service experiance I would like to recieve. I take great pride in being meticulous, courteous and delivering superior results. 

Why Classic Carpet Care?

Robert Harris Carept Tile Cleaner Modesto
  • Professional, Curteous & Friendly Service by the Owner Operator 

  • Industry Recomended Deep Steam Cleaning Process;

    • Premium (commercial grade & baby safe) spot treatments

    • High Tepratures kill Germs & Bacteria while flushing away unwanted soil, debris and spots. 

    • Powerful Vacuum recovery removes contaminants from your home/offices.

    • Slow, Overlapping & Meticulous Cleaning and drying strokes

  • Classic uses SOFT Water which leaves less residue and softer carpeting

  • Carpets Dry in as little as 2 Hours!

  • I (Robert Harris) personally Guarantee Results or your money back!

How carpet cleaning service works

  1. You call Classic to get a qoute and/or schedule a Carpet Cleaning appointment

  2. To prepare; have animals in a comfortable/secure place. Secure knick-knacks & Breakables (vacuum & move as much furniture as possible for best price)

  3. Classic will arrive ontime within a 2 hour service window and we will call you when we are in route.

  4. The owner, Robert Harris, will introduce himself and his helper before walking the area with you.

  5. We offer additional vacuuming for busy customers.

  6. We will spot-treat all "stains" with high quality solutions made for your situation.

  7. Then we will place corner guards and blankets to protect your baseboards as necessary.

  8. Vacuum hoses, solution lines and other gear will be rolled to the farthest point in your home.

  9. Classic will then Pre-treat the area (Caution WET FLOORS! Carpets and edges will be wet so watch your step)

  10. For excessively soiled/neglected areas an additional machine scrub process may be required

  11. Robert will then meticulously Steam Extract your carpets 

  12. We can move some furniture as we go cleaning under then replacing it on protective pads (move most addl. charge)

  13. Classic will place fans as we go to accelerate Dry Times (Maintenance 2 hours  - Restorations up to 8) 

  14. We will the apply any additional Stain Protection or Deodorizers you may need

  15. Finally we will walk the area with you to ensure your satisfaction and touch up any area you like. 

Once I am certain that you are 100% satisfied I will leave you a refrigerator magnet, ask you for a review and Text you a reminder card every 6 months.  You can call anytime you like to schedule an appointment or just for free cleaning advise. 

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