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Odor Remediation Services

  • Pet Odor elimination
  • Cigarette Smoke removal
  • Death & Decay Odor remediation
  • Decontamination
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Odor Treatments
  • Air Scrubbers
  • Crime Scene & Death
Tobacco Smoke & Nicotine Film 



Pet Odor Services in Modesto Ca,.

Classic Carpet Care has pet odor treatments for small accidents and excessive contamination alike. The most common pet issue is Carpet soiling which is typically solved (@90% of the time) with our complimentary deodorizer in our carpet cleaning service. Some heavy and old spots can sometimes require additional premium treatments and/or processes to remove the stain and odor.


Excessive soiling can saturate the carpet padding, baseboards and in some cases even the sub-floor. In these rare cases it may be necessary to remove the affected absorbent material, seal any sub-structures and replace with new material. Classic has the training, products and experience to effectively apply these treatments and processes. 

Warning; Stay away from Resolve and other store bought products unless you have the ability to thoroughly rinse away excess product and quickly dry the area. Failure to remove product often results in color loss / damage.

Cigarette Smoke Odor and Stain Removal

Even light Cigarette smoke odor can be persistent despite the use of typical store bought products.  When Staining is not present Classic may apply hot or cold fog treatments that spread in the same manor as the Cigarette Smoke to ensure contact with the hardest to reach and anticipate areas. Hot fog treatments are used when the excessive odor and greasy film have developed. 

When Cigarette Smoke has stained the walls and other surfaces a full surface scrub treatment may also be required. The premium treatments that we use are designed to break down the greasy films, modify the chemical structure of the smoke and eliminate the odor. Surfaces are first scrubbed and rinsed away with these treatments and then neutralized with the appropriate cleaners.   

Odor Removal Basics

  1. Locate and remove the Source of Contamination

  2. Evaluate possible effects (health and environmental) of specific contaminant

  3. Determine the size and scope of affected area (surfaces and air) 

  4. Remove, Seal or Treat porous materials

  5. Treat the Air with premium products and/or air scrubbing equipment

  6. Treat Surfaces with Premium products, Rinse and repeat as necessary

  • Remove, Rinse & repeat

  • Premium Commercial Grade Products work better

  • Not all products work as well or the same way as others

  • Greasy = De-grease

  • Treat air via air

  • Seal away

  • Chemically modify

  • If odor remains you missed a spot/step

Odor Cleaning Chemistry
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