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DIY Flood Equipment Rental

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Large Commercial Wet Dry Vacuum. Used to pull the majority of water out of hard and soft surfaces prior to Drying


Large Capacity Small footprint Commercial machines that draw moisture out of the air by condensing it and pumping it out of a drain tube.


Forced air machines that create air pressure and wind speed that draw moisture into the air to speed evaporation and Dehumidification

Cavity Dryer

Pressurized heated forced air machine that has special narrow tubes that direct  air into walls and cavities without major demolition.

DIY Flood Steps

These are only broad stroke steps to address floods. This list is by no means comprehensive and should not be used as a sole source of information. There is a reason that there are so many professional restoration companies. They are skilled and the work can be nuanced. Consider paying for service if you have a job with any complications. Classic Carpet Care Disclaims any liability for Jobs we do not service. 


Safety; Get people and pets to safety. Turn off Power, Gas and/or Water where needed.


Call for Help; Call to order Equipment and/or service to extract and dry out the water


Clear the Affected Areas; Start by moving Important papers and photos away from water. 


Extract; Clear, grey or sewage water will need to be extracted from all surfaces. A Large capacity wet dry vac with a pump out comes in handy here


Throw away any highly absorbent materials that have been saturated in sewage water. Take Photos for insurance


Clean and Sanitize all affected areas. use mold inhibitors to prevent growth. do not used forced air while mold is present. Consider using a pro service


Drying Equipment; Place Air movers at angles around dehumidifiers. Use cavity dryers to get into walls and cabinets by making small inconspicuous holes under baseboards and toe kicks


Let equipment run for several days or until the relative humidity drops below normal and all surfaces are completely dry

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