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Wood Floor Cleaning

Classic Carpet Care uses special counter rotating brush machines to gently scrub wood floors with premium wood cleaning products designed for professional use.  We offer cleaning and more involved stripping services. We do not offer refinishing.


 If you have dirty and grimy wood floors with a lot of caked in grease Classic can help. Call us today for a free estimate and we can get your floors clean an beautiful again

Laminate Floor Cleaning

Most laminate floor owners are rightfully concerned about cleaning their floors with water. Leaving too much water on laminates can cause "peaking" where the seams can absorb moisture, swell and cause peaks to form. 


Classic uses a low pressure, low moisture and high speed brush system  to scrub Laminate Flooring clean. Floors dry within minutes and are sparkling clean 

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

There are many types of vinyl flooring and some can be tricky to clean. Some Luxury Vinyl Plank have wood grain texture. Dirt, moisture, grease and other stuff gets embedded in that texture which makes it nearly impossible to remove by mopping or other conventional methods. Classic uses premium professional use cleaning products made for your type of flooring. We have vertical and horizontal bristle scrubbing machines and super powerful Steam cleaning units. 

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