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Carpet Shampoo?



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Choosing the right type of carpet cleaning

We will make a long story short and then elaborate for anyone who cares

Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) in conjunction with appropriate Product Selection is the best method of Carpet Cleaning. - According to all major carpet manufactures. Steam Cleaning uses various types/combinations of products and methods of scrubbing to achieve superior results. 

Here at Classic Carpet Care, we use hypoallergenic products in occupied homes


Carpet Shampoo has evolved into several distinct carpet cleaning methods. Back in the 70s carpet cleaners used very soapy products to scrub carpets and emulsify dirt before "wet vacuuming" the soap away with a low powered portable machine. This worked well when the soap was thoroughly rinsed away. When it wasnt, the soap in the carpets would attract dirt causing carpets to look dirty fast.


Since then the technologies of both chemistry and machines have came a long way. The combination of chemistry and Mechanical extraction make todays  modern-manufacture recommended method Hot Water Extraction (aka Steam Cleaning).

Most well trained and certified carpet cleaning technicians will select the appropriate product chemistry for the conditions that you have in your home. Factors we consider are;

  • Occupants and use of area = ex., Hypoallergenic for babies or strong products for unoccupied rentals?

  • The fabric material and construction = ex., polyester vs nylon for products & loops vs tufts for scrubbing

  • The type of soil = ex., drier brown dirt vs sticky red dirt or clay need distinct procedures and chemistry

  • Types of spot and stains = ex., Synthetic, organic or biological

  • Elevation, humidity and temperature = ex., may choose encapsulant products and lower psi in harder to dry situations

  • Time since last cleaning = ex., Routine maintenance cleanings require significantly less process then neglected rentals

  • Pet issues = ex., size of pee spots, depth of penetration into flooring and volume on entire job selects from dozens of product

  • Customer priorities = ex., Speed, thoroughness, dry time, smell/odor, color, a specific spot?

The soapy image of carpet shampoo is gratifying because is appears so thorough. In reality new van mounted machines that produce 230 degree cleaning temperatures and huge vacuum pressure allow us to use and leave behind much less soapy residue and capitalize on new and safer products. 

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