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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Vendor

Specializing in Managed Properties & Professional Office Cleaning 

We love Dentists

The Cleanest, Freshest Smelling Offices in Modesto are Serviced by Classic

Licensed & Insured

Classic Carpet Care is Licensed and Fully Insured to handle Corporate & Government Accounts. When required we can add your company to our policy as 'Additional Insured'.

Net 30 Billing

We happily extend Net 30 Billing terms with service agreement (O.A.C.)

Certified Techs with 27+ Years Experience

The Owner, Robert Harris is personally on every commercial carpet cleaning job to ensure the highest level of quality and consideration. 

Truckmounted & Portable Units

We have the Tools & Equipment to do virtually any Commercial Carpet Cleaning job. While we prefer to use more our powerful Truck-Mounted units, we have also have extremely effective Portable units that are able to reach high rise offices and secure locations such as banks.

Commercial Offices Carpet Cleaning

We make it simple to get your business and/or office carpets cleaned.

  1. Call to Schedule an Estimate. We will typically need @ 15 minutes to inspect & measure the area

  2. Compare & Schedule. - Nights & Weekends often available. Upon Scheduling Classic will email, text or mail the appropriate Compliance paperwork

  3. Notify Staff. Email or Notify your staff of appointment. Ask them to put waste baskets and personal items on top of desks. Open the appropriate doors. 

  4. Get Cleaned. Classic will clean all visible/accessible Carpeting

  5. Easy Billing. Classic accepts Cash, Check and Credit Cards in addition to extending Net 30 Terms to qualified Businesses. Digital Invoicing eliminates clutter & simplifies accounts payable. 

Property Management Carpet Cleaning 

We Work with YOUR SYSTEM!              The best Quality service is also the most Convenient.  

  1. Call, Text or Email us a Work Order or Service Order - We Talk your language and respond the way you choose.

  2. Tell us What you want done & when you need it done by - Today? Friday afternoon? We are here for your schedule

  3. We bill through YOUR METHOD - Need 30 days? Direct Deposit? Dont want a Vendor crying when payment is a few days late?


You need Carpets to look and smell  READY to SHOW.. on your schedule.. in your system.. on your budget

Try Classic Carpet Care - We get you - We got you

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