Now Hiring a Carpet Cleaner


Minimum Job Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older after 3 months of on the job training

  • Valid California Drivers License 

  • Clean Driving Record

  • Pass a Background Check

  • Ability to lift, push and pull 50 pounds continuously for 8-12 hours daily

  • Fluent in the English Language

Ideal CAREER Candidate 

Ideal Candidate will genuinely have the following traits;

  • Be Strongly interested in learning a Skilled Blue Collar Trade that offers the flexibility of growing with a business as a the owners right hand or one day becoming self employed. 

  • Strong work ethic

  • Be agreeable and easy going in nature

  • Have decent computer and smart phone skills

  • Enjoy Driving

  • Enjoy meeting new and diverse people

  • Interest and aptitude in machine operations and light maintenance

  • Ability to memorize basic chemistry concepts 

  • Ability to memorize and adapt routines and procedures to the situation at hand

  • Enjoy the instant gratification and peace of cleaning 

  • Treat People the way you want to be treated (meaning kindness respect and gratitude


  • $15 Hourly + weekly 

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate right person

  • Bonuses paid by the sole and arbitrary discretion of the owner based on job performance and client response; $0-120 daily (not an entitlement or guaranteed part of contract compensation merely a random incentive to work well) The owner fully intends to keep employee well motivated and happy anticipating paying $20-40 day in bonus's to an average employee on top of the tips they may earn. 

  • No Health, Dental or Vison 

The Nature of Carpet Cleaning Work

A very Typical day would run something like this; 

  • inspect and stock the van 

  • check machine oil belts and condition

  • check phone calendar for schedule

  • Drive to job #1

  • Greet customer and Inspect job to assess special needs

  • place property protection to respect customers home

  • pre treat stains & general soil with appropriate products

  • set up fans

  • roll hoses to farthest point

  • push and pull wand (@15lbs with hose weight) constantly to clean carpets

  • Some homes may not have A/C so we set up extra Fans

  • The cleaning time is a 40min-3hr block of time that may be too tedious for some yet for others it is a very peaceful and pleasant experience ( I use this time to listen to Audio Books and Music on headphones and While it is light repetitive physical work it is calming once your muscles become accustomed to the movements )

  • THIS IS THE REAL SKILL OF CARPET CLEANERS NOT VACUUMING, We are more Machine Operators than Janitors = Troubleshooting; its inevitable that once a day or more something doesn't work right. as an example we will say you have set up and you have no water pressure at your wand. you would trace and inspect lines and connections all the way back to the machine, check gauges  and go through a process of elimination to determine where the failure is occurring and swap out the part or rig a temporary solution. If the machine doesnt work.. you dont work. (**To deter employee from being less than diligent or faithful no bonuses will be paid for a week following the rare shop repair. This encourages employees to follow good maintenance practices and not break the machine just to get a day off. A good employee will realize that our fortunes are tied and the owner, employee and machine all depend on one another and all will do worse or better together. Inability to keep a machine running properly is grounds for separation., employees will not be penalized for things like parts wearing out or repairs we can make ourselves. but running a machine out of oil would be immediate termination ) Once an employee makes it to this level their pay will increase substantially and they will become a Solo operator with the ability to take the (tracked) vehicle home. 



  • Finish Job, Clean up overspray and Inspect with Client to ensure Satisfaction and collect payment. 

  • Drive to next job for 30mins +/- and repeat all of the above with slight changes to set up, Carpet, upholstery or tile ect.

  • this will repeat anywhere from 1 to 6 times a day with 3 being average. 

  • Stop for lunch at the best allowable time 

  • Gas up and finish day by cleaning out van, empty the waste tank and clean out filters



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