Carpet Repair

  • Patching Holes in Carpets
  • Replacing Soiled Carpet Padding
  • Sub-floor Odor Barrier Treatments
  • Patching or Cleaning Stained areas
  • Repairing & Replacing Transitions and Moldings
  • Repairing Shredded or torn Carpeting
  • Repairing broken Carpet Seams
  • Restretching loose and Rolling carpet wrinkles

Whether your carpets are wrinkled from a poor installation or a bored pet has shredded them, Classic Carpet Care can help. We offer a full spectrum of Carpet Repair Services to Modesto and all of Stanislaus County. 


Loose and rolling carpets are often caused by poor installation. When knee kickers are used to install entire rooms instead of the recommended power stretchers heavy furniture and even normal wear can cause this. If this is your situation, rest assured we can help. Call us for an in home estimate. We will assess what will need to be moved. **Tip: Furniture moving can significantly impact the manpower, time and cost of the job - So let us know if you intend to have the furniture moved prior to our arrival for the best deal.** We will come in and use a real power stretcher to pull the carpets tight.


For Carpet patching we will use any spare carpet you may have or the most inconspicuous piece of a closet. If those options do not appeal to you buying a closest match remnant (Smaller pieces & room sized scraps) from a carpet store may be your best choice. I highly recommend Bigfoot Carpets for all of your flooring needs. 

Whatever your carpet repair needs Classic is here to help. Call us.



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